Press release – A new project for a cleaner, greener Andros

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Press Release                                                                     3rd July  2020

A new project for a cleaner, greener Andros 

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new project to support our beloved Andros in becoming a cleaner and greener island. 

Our island faces severe issues with waste management and the current waste levels can, at times, overwhelm the island’s waste processing systems. The growth of single-use plastics and the increasing total volume of waste is not sustainable. We all want to help Andros become a cleaner island for residents, wildlife, nature and marine environments and a sustainable tourism destination for visitors in all seasons. The project vision is to inspire and encourage us all to reduce waste and single-use plastic on Andros.

The project goals are  : 

  • To reduce the use of single-use plastic
  • To increase the amount of recycling
  • To increase the composting of food and organic waste
  • To reduce the amount of landfill waste

We aim to involve everyone on Andros – our associations, schools, churches, businesses, residents and tourists and community leaders, with practical and innovative actions, so that together we can find solutions to reduce the amount of waste. 

We plan to share accurate and useful information on everything you want to know about how to recycle, reuse and compost your waste in your local area.

It is important to highlight that this project, although independent, will collaborate with local political groups, the municipality, the waste service providers and with the active support of local stakeholders.

We are also pleased to announce that the project is supported by the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) who support sustainable initiatives and promote the preservation of the exceptional beauty and natural value of the Cyclades. Together with CPF and its partners, we will benefit from knowledge and best practices across the Cyclades.

In these challenging times, many of us have been reflecting on our health and ways to improve how we live, how we impact our environment and each other.  This initiative is an excellent opportunity for Andros, already the greenest island in the Cyclades, to become the cleanest, and a leading destination in sustainable tourism. Now is the time to start dreaming, planning and working for a better future for our island!

If you are interested in staying up to date with the latest news, progress and actions, please subscribe to the project’s mailing list by clicking on the link here:

About Us

Andros Research Center is a not-for-profit organisation based on Andros, whose mission is to protect the unique and endangered nature and landscape of Andros, to research, record and revive local culture and heritage, and to encourage sustainable tourism. ARC has driven the Andros Routes initiative,, now in its 11th year and, most recently, devised and successfully led the two annual Andros On Foot Hiking Festivals. More information coming soon, meanwhile, click here to read about ARC

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