Our First newsletter!

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        the first steps, the search for a name, and some exciting recycling news.

First Steps - Website

Our first initiative is to share information about how you can best recycle and compost  on Andros. We are building a website that will provide the tools and information to help everyone:

  • Recycle waste – so less waste goes to landfill 

  • Compost more garden and kitchen waste

  • Reduce single-use plastic

 The website will also provide: 

  • A place for real-life stories about waste

  • A way for everyone to help and participate 

  • A platform to share news, activities and events across Andros

You can help us develop this website – is there something particular you would like to know about or have a question?

Please send your questions by clicking the button below.


First Steps - Advisory Board

The vision for a cleaner greener Andros belongs to all parts of the Andros Community and all parts of the community need to come together to make progress.

To get the ball rolling on this, we are forming an Advisory Board for the project with representation from the local council, all of the local political groups, the waste processing companies, key sponsors and industry experts. The Board’s sole purpose is to help this project succeed, by providing advice and guidance to ensure we act together in an integrated and effective way.

We expect to hold the first meeting of this Board after the summer holidays.

We are forming an Advisory Board for the project with representation from the local council, all of the political groups and the waste processing companies. 


Name search man on beach tiny

We are Searching for a Name

This is a project for everyone on Andros. What better way to start than by choosing a name together! So, would you like to suggest a project name? 

The name will be the face of the project. It will be used to create the project logo and on the project website and social media accounts. It can be in Greek or English (or both).

The closing date for submissions is Saturday 12  September.

Recycling Spitaki from above tiny

Some Exciting Recycling News!

A new generation of recycling collection has arrived in Chora. The Andros municipality has been included as one of the pilot sites for the Ministry of Interior’s incentivised recycling scheme and now the first of four new recycling machines has been installed in the Nimborio seafront car park in Chora. The machine rewards recycling of plastic, glass and metal with coupons that can be used in the AB Supermarkets on Andros or if you prefer, you can donate your reward to the Apostoli charity.

Our project is supported by the Cyclades Preservation Fund –  www.cycladespreservationfund.org

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