We are looking for a name !

Today we are pleased to announce the search to find a name for the project to help make Andros cleaner and greener.

This is a project for everyone on Andros and what better way to start than by choosing a name together! Anyone can suggest a name.  To submit your ideas for a  name, first, subscribe to the project newsletter by clicking here and follow the instructions!

The name should reflect the project vision and its aims, which are:

  • To increase re-use, recycling and composting on Andros
  • To eliminate single-use plastics on Andros
  • To reduce waste leaking into our streams, rivers and the sea
  • To reduce waste going to the Andros landfill

The name will be the face of the project. It will be used to create the project logo and on the project website and social media accounts. It can be in Greek or English (or both). 

The closing date for submissions is Saturday 12th September 2020.

The Andros Research Center Team

This project is supported by the Cyclades Preservation Fund

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