Clean Green Andros
Advisory Board


The Board’s sole purpose is to help this project succeed

The vision for a cleaner greener Andros belongs to all parts of the Andros Community and all parts of the community need to come together to make progress.

It is important to highlight that this project, although independent, will collaborate with local political groups, the municipality, the waste service providers and with the active support of local stakeholders.

To help guide the project and to ensure a broad range of engagement we have formed an Advisory Board with representation from the local council, all of the local political groups, the waste processing companies and our key sponsors. The Board’s sole purpose is to help this project succeed, by providing advice and guidance to ensure we act together in an integrated and effective way.

Memorandum of Understanding

All of the Advisory Board Members are committed to working together as one team for the good of Andros. To show their commitment to the project, members of the Advisory Board have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which expresses their intent to work together collaboratively on this initiative. You can see the text of the Memorandum of Understanding (in Greek) here.


one team

strength in diversity

forward looking

working together for a better future

For all of andros

inspiring the whole community

Advisory Board Members

Dimitris Lotsaris

Dimitris Petsas

Spyros Polemis

Attiki Piagkou

Petros Stratis

Ioanna Saravanou

Giorgos Papadakis

Giorgos Ballas

Anni Mitropoulou

Project team

Ulli Stahlmann

Richard Gillespie

Jola Gillespie

Olga Karayianni