Recycling Spitaki

Recycling can be rewarding

A new generation of recycling collection has arrived in Chora. The Andros municipality has been included as one of the pilot sites for the Ministry of Interior’s incentivised recycling scheme and now the first of four new recycling machines has been installed in the Nimborio seafront car park in Chora. The machine rewards recycling of plastic, glass and metal with coupons that can be used at AB Supermarkets on Andros or, if you prefer, you can donate your reward to the Apostoli charity.

The recycling machine operates between 8am and 8pm. An advisor from Antapodotiki, the organisation responsible for the machines, will be onsite to answer your questions and help you use the machine.

The recycling machine has three openings to insert your recycling waste, one for plastic bottles and containers, one for metal cans and one for glass bottles. Different types of materials are sorted by using inbuilt sensors and by reading barcodes on bottles and metal cans as they are inserted into the machine.  Separation of materials makes it much easier to process recycled items into new materials. Everything deposited is crushed or cut inside the machine reducing the volume of the items inserted by up to 90%.

 For every bottle or metal can that you insert into the machine, three cents will be added to a reward coupon. When all of your bottles or cans have been deposited, press the green button to get the coupon, which you can spend at AB supermarkets on Andros. Alternatively, press the orange button to donate the amount on your coupon to the Apostoli Charity. To read more about Apostoli click here.

The following materials can be recycled in the machines:

  > Plastic bottles and containers
  > Glass bottles
  > Aluminium cans
  > Steel cans


The recycling machine is located in the Nimborio seafront parking in Chora. The location is shown with the red pin on the map below. Three more machines will be coming soon to Korthi, Batsi and Gavrio.

Video about the recycling machine in Chora, Andros

Other Links

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