Is Batsi beach clean?

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Batsi had a beach clean yesterday, the 28th of September, coordinated by the Andros Port Authority.  This clean up was part of the “Ocean Conservancy” global voluntary shore cleaning campaign, coordinated here in Greece by HELMEPA, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association, a voluntary organization of Greek seafarers and ship owners to safeguard the seas from ship-generated pollution. The Andros Municipality, the Batsi Primary School 6th Grade, Andros Routes, and Clean Green Andros teams participated in this action along with many volunteers. 

The Port Master spoke to the pupils about the importance of volunteering. The Primary School Principal stressed that everyone should keep the beach clean by throwing their waste and trash straight into the bins every day. A volunteer of the “Clean Green Andros” project talked about microplastics and nurdles, which were found in abundance on the beach! 

According to the Port Authority, a total of 50 kg of waste was collected, of which 35 kilograms were recyclable. And yet, at first glance, the beach looked clean! 

Actions like the beach clean are essential and have many benefits. As well as collecting the waste, organizations, citizens and pupils are mobilised for the common good, and the importance of volunteering in our lives is highlighted. 

We would like to thank the Port Authority for the invitation to support this event and the local authorities for their cooperation. Congratulations to all the pupils and volunteers who took part in this action!

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