Is the Andros coast affected by global plastic pollution?

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Andros participation in global environmental research

The Clean Green Andros project, with the help of local and visiting volunteers, participated in the global hunt for the tiny plastic beads (nurdles) as part of the global environmental research event “The 2021 Great Global Nurdle Hunt”, organized by the British environmental organization Fidra.

This annual research, which lasted all of October, is carried out every year and motivated us, volunteer groups and individuals, to collect nurdles (plastic beads) on our beaches and submit our findings. This global investigation into nurdles aims to reduce the amount that ends up in our seas and beaches, as they have escaped from the global industrial production and supply chain processes. To learn more about the leakage of these tiny plastic pellets into the environment, read our previous article here.

“The 2021 Great Global Nurdle Hunt” involved a total of 925 volunteers from 23 countries, with 274 recorded actions. Plastic beads were found in 21 out of 23 countries surveyed, that’s 91%.

Clean Green Andros volunteers participated on behalf of Andros by “hunting” these nurdles and recording the findings. Our research took place on six beaches: Ateni (both beaches), Zorgos, Chrysi Ammos, Fellos and Kourtali. Nurdles were found on every one of these Andros beaches, some less and others more. Even Andros and the Greek seas are affected! You can see the results of our findings, posted by Fidra on their world map, along with the results of other organizations and individuals from around the world.

The findings of this significant global study were presented at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Glasgow COP26 on November 9, 2021, in the presence of 25,000 delegates from 200 countries and approximately 120 Heads of State.

Megan Kirton, Fidra, says, “Nurdles are an example of how plastic pollution is adding to pressures already faced by ecosystems and coastal communities today. Reducing plastic and chemical pollution is vital if we are to address the dual biodiversity and climate crises”.

Finally, the pollution caused by the leakage of these nurdles into the natural environment is a huge issue. This leakage is a waste of energy and mineral wealth, as these materials end up in nature before even being used, and It is almost impossible to remove them due to their tiny size.

Would you like to participate in any actions to help Andros become greener and cleaner? Why not become a volunteer for Clean Green Andros. Simply send us an email at and we will be in touch!


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