Recycle clothes and shoes

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New bins for recycling clothes and shoes in Andros! Don’t throw your old clothes and shoes away - someone needs them!

The Municipality of Andros Cleaning and Recycling Service, in collaboration with Freedom Hellas Karachalios Ioannis, has installed new five purple recycling bins specially for recycling of clothes and shoes.
Suitable clothes and shoes are donated to people in need – otherwise they are recycled into cleaning cloths and towels.

The new purple bins are located at the following spots:

  –   Chora: Two bins on the beach of Nimborio next to the Recycling Hut
  –   Gavrio: Next to Peristerionas in the port
  –   Batsi: At the back of the port
  –   Korthi: Next to the Cooperative at the entrance to Korthi Bay.

You can drop off any clean clothes and paired shoes (for men, women or children in these new bins. Please do not put dirty or wet clothes, material/cloth or unpaired shoes into these bins.
In return, the company will provide food and cleaning items to vulnerable social groups on the island through the Charitable Association of Apikia.

Let’s all support this new program to recycle clothes and shoes. We can help reduce the overall amount of waste on Andros, and also help support those in need.

clean green andros 1

The Clean Green Andros Project is supported by the Cyclades Preservation Fund


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